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Was ist Rollstuhlbasketball?

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In this video I want to about Wheelchair basketball. An overview of the sport.

Who can play?

Anyone with a physical impairment can participate. Then depending on your impairment, you are put into a class system.


Wheelchair basketball has a classification point system. As previously stated, depending on your disability you are classed accordingly. The scale is from 1-4.5. With half points in between. 4.5 being your amputees and more functionable players. The less function you have the lower your class becomes. So, for example for someone with a higher-level spinal cord injury, no feeling in their legs, they will be a class 1. On the court you can have 5 players, whom their points add to 14.5. This helps to keep the teams’ even.

Wheelchair basketball is a physical sport. A lot of contact and banging of the chairs. A lot of pushing. People fall over sometimes. Some can pop up; some we easily help then back then continue.

More so than able bodied basketball, wheelchair basketball is a game of teamwork. The game utilizes pick n rolls, seals, screens, and man outs more so than the walking counterpart. We can dive into these specifics in another video.

Stay safe stay healthy stay active.

4 Kommentare
  • Hey Correy. Thanks for the great content! Is the height of the basket different than in able-bodied basketball?

    • Correy Rossi avatar

      Hallo Denis, thank you very much. Great question. The baskets are the same height as able bodied basketball. 3 meters.

    Hey Correy. Thank you! Huge respect. Very exciting sport!

    Very informative, Correy. Thanks for giving insight on this topic.

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