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My style of play in wheelchair basketball

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In this video we are going to take a closer look into me. My style of play in wheelchair basketball.

Every person is unique. Every disability is unique. Every wheelchair is unique. So, everyone style of play is unique.

One thing I love about wheelchair basketball is that people can out preform their disability with the help of their wheelchair. Once players can connect their function and their wheelchair together, they can develop their own play style.

I would say I am a defensive mindset player. I think defense is one of the more important aspects of the game.

My top 3 skills?

  • 1.High game IQ
  • 2.Chair Skills
  • 3.Speed
  • Game IQ is a skill, no matter your physical function, everyone can learn and continue to grow higher and higher. An understanding of how the game is played. Understanding what you can or should do at any giving moment. From large aspects to tiny moment of a play.

    Chair skills can be broken down to how well you can move and control your wheelchair. This can also tie into your game IQ. How to turn your chair. Where or how to place your chair in different situations.

    People tell me that I am one of the fastest, but there is more to just being fast. I like to call it smart speed. Knowing how and when to use your speed is important.

    So now you know my strengths. What are my weaknesses? I would say for me my shot consistency could be better. Only in the last few years, I have put extra attention into improving my shot. It takes practice and a lot of it.

    I hope you enjoyed this in-depth look into my personal play style.

    3 Kommentare
    • Amazing!

      Hey Correy. You are a great athlete! Looking forward to see more from you!

      • Correy Rossi avatar

        Thank you Denis.

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